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United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals


IslandPower delivers on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Each of our projects focuses on addressing primary benefits of renewable, clean energy systems. Once installed, energy systems provide opportunities for direct social benefits, such as education and gender equality. Finally, as aggregate organic demand grows and networks move towards a sustainable Natural Grids, additional tertiary benefits, such as reduction in hunger, are achieved.

Primary benefits


The use of renewable energy systems under IslandPower's model results in efficient and cost effective solutions that work with water utilities to provide clean desalinated water. 

Inclusion of water utilities within an IslandPower Partnership enables greater energy efficient through the transference of heat and cooling. 

Contact us if you'd like to find out more. 

Secondary benefits



The provision of eduction goes hand-in-hand with access to energy. 

Each IslandPower energy network enables communities and civic bodies to participate in energy gains, which in turn feeds back into the educational system. 

As systems expand, there will be a growing need to develop locally educated technicians and administrators. 

Tertiary benefits


Energy enablement is a key milestone in elevating communities and individuals out of poverty. 


IslandPower's Natural Grid solution enfranchise communities, by working with governmental bodies to accelerate renewable energy transitions. 


Environmental, Social, Governance


ESG goals are critical in understanding how effective you are being.  

You may be familiar with the phrase "green wash" which points to companies who promote environmentally sound practices, but do not act on them. Allowing them to garner benefits from supporting communities and the environment without actually doing anything.  

This has presented a problem to investors who have sought to apply their capital and know-how to companies and projects that benefit society and the environment. Often limiting their capability to chose the correct investment vehicle that lives ESG goals as opposes to using them as a 'tick box' exercise. 

Since 2004 global ESG investment has risen tenfold to approximately $30 trillion in 2020. With investors and companies benefiting from value creation developed. However, investors have limited transparency when it comes to understanding the true impact their investments have.

IslandPower's innovative business model is fully transparent to its partners. 


Environment is essential to the success and longevity of any business. This can be anything from location and resources through to energy consumption and waste. 

The difficulty for many businesses is the ability to source 'green' electrons or Joules from a grid connect energy source, even when they may be co-located next to renewable energy source, such as a wind turbine. 

In fact, since 2020 combined global hydrocarbon energy consumption has increased from 94,314 terra-watt hours to 136,761 terra-watt hours in 2019. Although we may have seen an increase in renewable penetration, a majority of large sites have their production curtailed due to limited ability to deliver to the grid. 

Many companies and communities will sign Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that allow them to buy 'green' electrons, even though the energy may be produced in a different part of the country or world.

This form of 'displacement' does not address climate change or resilience issues. Instead incentivising irregular market practices that create financial and physical instability. This means that the 'blended' electrons that are feeding your lightbulb may have 0% of 'green' electrons. 

IslandPower's model develops energy systems that complement the local environment by utilising renewable resources indigenous to the location. We design our tax transparent systems to deliver 'green' electrons directly to the point of use, eliminating distribution wastage. Any excess is either stored or shared with other community partners. 


Businesses are part of society, servicing communities and utilising local resources to increase productivity and effectiveness. The more inclusive and diverse a business is, the more resilient it becomes. Essential to the future development of any given business is its ability to support local education, training and diversity. Recycling profits back into the society for greater growth. Central to this is a businesses ability to interact meaningfully with institutions and communities as well as integrating labour relations and diversity within broader societies.   

IslandPower's model invests in, and partners with, local community education and businesses in order to create long lasting and sustainable growth. As each network organically develops and grows additional aspects, such as affordable housing, are included into a Natural Grid. 


Governance is critical to ensure that we are all acting on a level playing field. This includes internal governance, from accounting procedures through to Human Resources all the way through to partners, stakeholders, institutions and  legal requirements. 

Essential to this is having a transparent network that adheres to the spirit of the law as well as the letter. 

IslandPower's inclusive business model ensures that correct oversight is available to governing bodies as well insight and continual improvements in businesses practices.  

ESG Goal
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