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Community partners 

How IslandPower works in partnership with communities to reach goals

Benefit from the energy you produce...

Communities are generally excluded from energy infrastructure decisions such as major renewable projects feeding a National Grid. Moreover, communities typically see little benefit from physical energy production, energy revenues or even sustainable local employment. On average, communities receive only 0.3% of the economic value added.

IslandPower works with communities as a partner in both the development and operational phase of a project. Ensuring that Community Partners receive a greater share of energy produced. Returning it back to the community for reinvestment in greener growth and resilience. Central to this model is training and employing local companies and workers.



Innovative use of air, ground and water source heat and cooling pumps to enhance energy efficiency.

Electrification and energy distribution to allow for shared community transport with vehicles and energy integrated into the communities portfolio



Using a variety of innovative solar, thermal, wind and water energy generators, IslandPower develops energy systems that are dynamic and flexible.

Dynamic storage is central to balanced and functional energy systems. IslandPower's holistic Natural Grid approach extends to gravity, air, water, and both electric & thermal batteries.

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Building upgrades

IslandPower designs systems for individual houses to integrate energy production, savings and consumption.  

"Communities are the frontline in the battle against Climate Change"


"Resilience is built from the ground up. Not from the top down."

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Each community has a diversity in energy demand and supply. Using different energy inputs and demands. 

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