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Heat From the Clyde

IslandPower will be unveiling the Clyde Natural Grid at COP26 in Glasgow, November 2021. 

For over 250 years the Clyde has launched vessels that have taken people, goods, ideas and innovations all over the world.

During November 2021, under the shadow of the Finneston Crane, the Clyde is set to launch another global revolution in energy management and development: Heat From The Clyde. 

Set to be the cornerstone of a revolution in energy, working with development, community and technology partners, IslandPower will bridge the energy gap from a fossil fuel based economy to a community based eco friendly  economy. Underpinning this will be IslandPower's innovations in legal design and finance.


Heat From the Clyde will be the cornerstone of Glasgow Natural Grid, integrating electricity, heat, cooling and financial technology in a sustainable and renewable manner. From tidal, solar, wind and heat pumps, supported by innovative energy management systems and dispatching software. We will be able to providing a demonstrator  that highlights the benefit to local communities in using 'intelligent' energy integration and dynamic energy portfolios that are sized to needs of the community and incorporate financial and economic resilience. 

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